First 4 Tricks To Learn When Skateboarding (For Beginners)

Skateboarding is one of the best ways to get exercise and these leads people asking for skateboarding tips, especially for beginners. Some may see it as a bit dangerous, but there are many more advantages than disadvantages. If you are interested in skateboarding the following are First 4 Tricks to Learn When Skateboarding.


  1. Get A Decent Board.

Never buy a skateboard in the supermarket. If you want to have the pleasure of skating, go to a professional skate shop or buy from the online shop, where a specialist will choose the board width according to your height and length of the foot.


  1. How to Start and Know Your Board.


Each sport has a set of its own rules and basics. Skateboarding has its tricks and basic strategies. First, you must learn few basic things and then continue the tips accordingly. Avoid showing off with Ollie (an aerial skateboarding trick) especially when it’s your first time. For you to learn, you must ensure that you are comfortable around the board.  You must know each part of your skateboard. You must know how to assemble a board. As a beginner, it is recommended not to buy skateboard right away. These boards are expensive, and you don’t want to put money into risk because you might lose interest sometime during the lesson. You can buy a good skateboard from a secondhand shop or in some sports store which gives discounts. When you learn and practice more, then you can buy an expensive skateboard.


  1. Learn to Push Off and Watch Your Stance.


Many starters get a lot problem at this stage. When pushing yourself while on the skateboard your board might go ahead of you. You should never push yourself when your feet are parallel to each other. It is just like walking. You need to decide what type footed you are at this stage. You are either; regular footed, mongo footed or goofy footed. If a regular footed person, you feel comfortable having the left foot forward while standing on the board. For goofy footed people, you should put the right foot forward while pushing the board. For the mongo footed, you should push off the board by the back.


  1. Turning/Stopping.


Turning the skateboard requires extra technique which is adding more weight to your heels. You may not able to do this at first but do exactly what you are told to do. This is an essential part, and once you learn to turn the skateboard, you will learn to make a sharper turn. There are many different ways to stop a skateboard. You may use your back foot to stop. You just put your back foot on the ground and use friction to stop.


Skateboarding for beginners involves a lot of practicing on surfaces where your skateboard can roll and where you can stand on the board. One of the skateboarding tips for beginners is to lean right or left just like you would if you were on a pair of skates to change direction. These are the basics of skateboarding for beginners. Also, prepare to be bruised and chaffed a lot of times. The best ointment for tattoo healing can also be helpful for skateboarding injuries.